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It assumes that Green Peace is blackmailing the Government and assumes that someone knows about the issues and would be able to answer buy minocycline 50mg on line. A filter question would have to be used in this case and the word ‘blackmail’ changed. The word ‘wrong’ is emotive and sug- gests there is something not normal about the young people of today. It asks the respondent to distance themselves and comment from the moral high ground. This question may contain prestige bias – would peo- ple be more likely to say they have read plenty of books when they might not have read any? Also, the categories for the answers need modification – which box would you tick for someone who answered ‘20’? This question assumes knowledge and could only be asked of someone who has the figures to hand. It also asks for what could be confidential information which a respondent might be reluctant to give. The word ‘profit’ has different meanings for different people, especially if the question is asked by an inter- viewer, rather than read by the respondent. In an of- ten quoted case, when this question was used, the respondent took it to mean ‘prophet’ and as such was unable to answer the question. In this question it is assumed that the respondent thinks something should be done about global warn- ing and that they are able to comment on the issue. This question leads the respondent into having an opinion about something on which they might not otherwise have one. LENGTH AND ORDERING OF QUESTIONS When you’re constructing a questionnaire, keep it as short as possible. If it has to be longer because of the nat- ure of your research, think about whether your respon- dents will actually take the time to fill it in.

Check that your report is objective and your interpretations have a clear evidence base minocycline 50 mg discount. When preparing your final draft, consider how you will present the re­ port. Here are some general guidelines: ° Place the name or logo of the employing organisation at the top of the report. Indicate if there has been a delay between a report being dictated or drafted, and the date when it was actually typed. Type or print your full name, title and profession underneath your signature. Do not repeat any headings or addresses used on the first page, but you might want to include some client identification information. Editing your report Once you have written your draft, you can check the content, spelling, grammar and presentation. Check you have used: q A clear framework q A logical sequence q Headings. Check the content is: q Balanced (no one area is given too much emphasis) q Accurate q Current q Objective. Check that you have: q Reduced unnecessary repetition q Included all the key points q Summarised the main points in a conclusion q Clearly stated recommendations and actions. Check you have: q Reduced jargon q Reduced complexity 90 WRITING SKILLS IN PRACTICE q Made it easy for the reader to find information q Used non-judgemental language. Once you have finished your edit you are ready to complete your final draft. Remember to ensure that copies of your report go to other relevant professionals or agencies.

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I’m at the point of getting a rooster and trying rooster because from the reading that I’ve done buy minocycline 50 mg low price, they say that some people can eat capon, and rooster capons are very hard to come by. She doesn’t like soy bean and I sort of panicked—what do I feed this child? I have the luxury of being at home with my kids so I can spend that extra time making sure that there’s baking and the menu planning. I don’t know how a person who works full-time could manage all of this because it’s very labour intensive. Here Pam reflects on the time and effort she expends in pursuit of alter- native health for her daughter, but what is also implicit is that time and effort are not the only resources involved in seeking alternative health; Pam also invests a great deal of money, in terms of the cost of specialty foods, transportation, and the cost of privately obtained naturopathic treat- ment. Clearly, a problematic aspect of this model of alternative health for the individual is the sheer amount of labour and expense it entails. Consequently, alternative health is restricted to those with the resources available to pursue it. In addition, a key aspect of holism that can have negative consequences for the individual is the notion of balance, as it is defined by the people I spoke with. For example, just as the World Health Organization’s definition of health3 has been criticized for being impossible to achieve, so too is holistic health when it rests upon a concept of balance entailing a never- ending list of criteria. Therefore, a negative implication for the individual is the potential for frustration and unwarranted feelings of failure when he or she is unable to attain balance. It is questionable whether conceiving of health as the process of healing provides sufficient protection for individuals from the potential harmful impact of the unrealistic expectations for health implicit in a concept of balance that is forever beyond their ability to attain. Another feature of alternative models of health, which people who use these types of therapies find beneficial, is that they are said to provide individuals with the opportunity to take control of their own healing process (Kelner and Wellman 1997; Vincent and Furnham 1996; Sharma 1990, 1992). Consistent with these findings, most informants said that An Alternative Model of Health | 79 taking control of their health and healing is something they desire and an option they feel is not possible within allopathic approaches to health care. However, for these people, taking control, in essence, means self-control, and therein lies the potential for self-blame for failure to eliminate what they now define as unhealthy conduct (Furnham and Kirkcaldy 1996; Glik 1988). For example, several informants admitted feeling guilty when they are unable to purge certain behaviours from their lifestyles.

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Telling myself it was simply a ques- tion of mind over matter proven 50mg minocycline, I would refuse to acknowledge or accept my phys- ical limitations by wearing panty hose to work for a week, donning tight jeans on the weekends, and engaging in more sex or exercise than usual. After a week or so, a ferocious flare-up of infection, inflammation, and pain would invariably erupt. This, in turn, would send me careening into that familiar wall of despair. Then I would become disconsolate for weeks until the symptoms quieted down. It was like the self-destructive cycle of addiction—getting that initial “high” from feeling that I possessed the power to make myself fine again, followed by the profound bottoming out borne of the crushing realization that I could not. As long as I bought into the “it’s all in your mind” attitude, I could never come to any acceptance of my very real condition and put my energies where they needed to be—finding a solu- tion instead of pretending there wasn’t really a problem. Feeling Guilty/Blaming Others If you had a recognized diagnosis like arthritis, diabetes, or asthma, you might wonder “Why me? When your physicians cannot diagnose your condition or help you, they become defensive, and this can feel as if they and others around you are blaming you. It’s a very human reaction for doctors to want to avoid blame because they can’t explain your problem. It’s also easy for laypeople to assign responsibility for things because unexplained phenomena can be scary. Tragically, some mystery malady patients actually start believing that their conditions are their own fault. Often the sense of guilt is directly proportional to the length of time they have been ill and how severely their malady impacts their daily lives. You may feel guilty because you cannot be the child, parent, spouse, or friend you feel you should be when you have a mystery malady. This is a way to punish yourself, but it only results in more pain and distress. We might dwell on their shortcomings so much that it becomes a destructive inner mantra: “They haven’t helped me. Giving Up Sometimes we believe it is easier to give up and give in than to persevere.