By C. Akascha. Olivet College. 2017.

This program affords the breadth buy 50mg nitrofurantoin overnight delivery, depth, time, and practice needed to change de- structive attitudes and behaviors. This Mastery Course is recommended for those who already have complex issues, are possibly in mutual allergy, may be embarking on a second or third marriage, or are on the verge of breakup but not ready to give up. Typically, the PTP will remain available to the as- sessment couple for evening 90-minute office sessions to oversee extra prac- tice with the PAIRS skills during their participation in the course, and then again after the course for any "RePAIRS" that may be needed to refresh the concepts, practice the tools, or help the couple get quickly unstuck should they again become negatively entangled. When a course or workshop is not immediately available, the PTP may counsel premarital couples in need of more training via OFFICE PAIRS until they can participate in a PAIRS program. The PTP selects concepts, exercises, and experiences thought to be most cogent to their missing competencies and then teaches these in a series of 90-minute sessions. In locations where there are no available PAIRS courses or workshops and when a couple cannot travel to one in another location, the PTP may contract to lead the couple through the content of one of the shorter PAIRS curriculums in a defined se- ries of 90-minute sessions. When engaging a PAIRS curriculum, each pur- chases a participant’s handbook for the selected course and a copy of The Passage to Intimacy book, which provides a deeper presentation of the ideas, skills, or attitudes under study. In such OFFICE PAIRS activities, couples re- ceive homework assignments and are expected to practice daily the skills they are learning. Teaching these skills is usually easier and more natural in a group setting than in the office. THE PAIRS RELATIONSHIP MASTERY COURSE The full PAIRS curriculum is divided into six main sections: 1. The following summary highlights specific PAIRS exercises and key con- cepts in italic. Premarital Counseling from the PAIRS Perspective 15 COMMUNICATION AND PROBLEM SOLVING PAIRS begins with a presentation of the Relationship Roadmap, the basic PAIRS model of how relationships succeed or become stuck and fail.

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The cameras utilise a simplified cabling system nitrofurantoin 50mg with mastercard, in which the power plus video and synchronisation signals are all carried via a single cable to and from the DataStation. The 2D coordinates are transferred from there to the personal computer workstation via 100 Mbit Ethernet. In addi- tion, 64 channels of analogue data — such as force plates, EMG and foot switches — can be gathered simultaneously. Utilising pipe- line technology, the Vicon 512 system can go from data capture, to the availability of 3D coordinates, and on to the running of biome- chanical models in a single step. Vicon Clinical Manager (VCM) is a mature product, based on the Helen Hayes Hospital marker set (Kadaba et al. It is specific to gait, and incorporates a patient database, a gait cycles window, and a report generator program called RGEN. The inputs to VCM are C3D files while the outputs are the GCD (gait cycle data) files based on the CAMARC standard. Oxford Metrics also manufactures a general purpose software package called BodyBuilder which enables the user to customise the biomechani- cal model to his or her own application. Frame = 4 Time = 012 s APPENDIX C 127 Company Name: Peak Performance Technologies Address: 7388 South Revere Parkway, Suite 603 Englewood, CO 80112 USA Telephone: + 1 303 799 8686 Facsimile: + 1 303 799 8690 e-mail: peakinfo@peakperform. The temporal resolution of Peak Systems is variable de- pending on the video recording system being used. The standard system arrangement uses 60 frames/s, although the Peak System is compatible with video recording equipment that can record at a rate of up to 200 frames/s. The advantages of these systems are as follows: Markers are not always required; movement can be cap- tured on videotape (even under adverse field and lighting condi- tions) and then processed by the computer at a later time; the soft- ware to process and display the kinematic information is very flex- ible, creating animated stick figures for quantitative analysis.

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