By W. Campa. Northwestern College, Saint Paul, MN. 2017.

The development of voice recognition computers may make dictating machines redundant buy cheap minocin 50mg online. Within a few years we could all be dictating our first draft straight onto our personal computer, which no doubt will bring up a whole range of new problems. Doctors They are highly trained in medical matters; they are not usually highly trained in writing matters. Duplicate publication Magazines and newspapers compete against each other, and therefore consider it quite wrong for an author to offer the same article to more than one publication at a time. However, in these markets it is usually considered acceptable to write a similar article for a non-competing market (a newspaper for doctors and a journal for nurses, for instance). To avoid inadvertently biting the hand that you are asking to feed you, it makes sense to tell both editors what you are doing. When it comes to writing for journals, the matter gets rather more complicated. Journal editors feel aggrieved if they publish an article that has appeared elsewhere. Also, since publication is now used as a key performance indicator (see CV), many people feel that it is 38 DUPLICATE PUBLICATION cheating to get two sets of points for one piece of work (see also salami publication). There is a clear solution for writers: under no circumstances should you send the same article to more than one editor at a time, nor should you revamp a published original scientific article and send it to another journal. There is a trickier issue, which is whether authors can write the same – or a similar – scientific article in two different languages. It seems reasonable that someone who has written an interesting article in one language should be allowed to communicate to those who speak (only) another. However, the author should make it absolutely clear what is being done: he or she should refer to the previous paper, thereby putting everything in the open and enabling the editor to make a decision in full view of the facts. This is why many people find it useful to read aloud (preferably to themselves, quietly) what they have written. Easy reading Something we all value, unless we happen to be doing the writing at the time (see effective writing).

All are phenomena that bear on clinical medicine and the care of sick people cheap 50 mg minocin with visa. Doherty developed pneumonia and had to be away from his practice for several months. In fact, many did not have any medically defined disease I could document. Some carried diagnoses of pernicious anemia and were re- ceiving injections of vitamin B12 every month. It was the correct treatment for pernicious anemia but for the wrong patients and the wrong reason. Te Schilling test had just come out, and it could measure the ability of the gut to absorb radioactive B12. In fact, less than a handful of patients from all the practices we tested with the Schilling test had abnormal results. A lot of patients were being treated with B12 injections for pernicious anemia, but only a few had the disease. Doherty had a number of patients with emphysema who had normal timed vital capacities when I tested them in our new pulmonary function laboratory that I had set up. Others had diag- noses of rheumatoid arthritis with negative tests and findings for the disease. Many of the diagnoses had no counterpart in contempo- rary medical terminology. Examples of these were weak kidneys, spastic colon, dropped kidneys, retroverted or tilted uterus, hiatus hernia, and just stomach trouble.

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Tell your child at bedtime to try to get up in the night if they have to urinate order minocin 50mg with mastercard. Encourage your child to drink a lot during the morning and early afternoon, and restrict fluids after dinner. Many children drink very little during the day and this causes their bladder capacity to be smaller than it should be. Lack of fluid during the day may also cause the child to be thirsty at night. Discourage your child from drinking a lot during the two hours before bedtime. Even if your child says they do not have to urinate have the child make it a habit to try each evening. Older children may respond better to a sign at their bedside or on the bathroom mirror. Although this protective layer makes morning clean-up easier and protects the bed, it can interfere with motivation for the child to get up at night to use the bathroom. A few experts think this may even prolong bed-wetting but no studies have been done to show this to be true. These absorbent products should be discontinued for a few months while the child is on the pro- gram. Including your child as a helper in stripping the bedclothes and putting them into the washing machine provides a natural disin- centive for being wet. Also, make sure that your child takes a shower each morning so that he or she does not smell of urine in school. A calendar with gold stars or happy faces for dry nights may also help [see Star charts & point systems under treatments]. Children who suffer from enuresis feel guilty and embarrassed about this problem and blame and punishment by the parent only increases these feelings. Punishment or pressure will delay a cure and cause secondary emotional prob- lems.

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