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Before being diagnosed with mul- Multiple sclerosis may also affect the tiple sclerosis cheap reglan 10mg on-line, many individuals have genitourinary tract, causing incontinence gone from one health provider to anoth- (loss of control of the bladder or bowel). Men may experience erectile dys- dition is not recognized or diagnosed function and women may experience immediately because the symptoms have decrease in sexual desire, lubrication prob- 106 CHAPTER 3 CONDITIONS OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: PART II lems, or inorgasmia (McCabe, McDonald, A variety of medications may be used to Deeks, Vowels, & Cobain, 1996). Some medica- ever, women with multiple sclerosis are tions may exacerbate symptoms or ad- able to become pregnant and carry preg- versely affect remaining function, and nancy to term. There is no evidence that some have the potential to impair mem- pregnancy causes an increase in symp- ory and learning. Consequently, the type toms or exacerbations of the condition of medication prescribed varies with the (Hansell, 1995). Medications are commonly Some individuals experience cognitive used for bladder management, control of changes as a result of multiple sclerosis, spasticity, or emotional symptoms. Some individuals, however, ple sclerosis never experience urinary may experience impairment in perform- problems, for those who do, anticholiner- ing tasks that require conceptualization, gic medications, which inhibit the actions memory, or new learning, as well as diffi- of the parasympathetic nervous system, culty with tasks that require either rapid are sometimes helpful in relieving bladder or precise motor responses. Depression is com- stimulate the actions of the parasympa- mon, although the degree to which it is a thetic nervous system, may be helpful in reaction to the disease or a manifestation relieving urinary retention. Bladder training may be helpful in reducing bladder problems Treatment and Management of and in helping the individual to manage Multiple Sclerosis bladder control. Use of a catheter or san- itary pads may also decrease the embar- The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is rassment of possible leakage of urine. There is no specific ids are ingested and ensuring a ready treatment for multiple sclerosis, nor is availability of restrooms to minimize the there a cure. If individuals have ed toward controlling individual symp- problems with urinary retention, they toms and preventing exacerbations and may be taught to insert a catheter into complications. Relaxants or antispasmod- toms, but it can have risks that must be ics may be prescribed for muscle spasm or carefully weighed by each individual.

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ACh itself was not easily measured at that time but a reduced synthesis of ACh from 14C glucose was observed in brain tissue from AzD patients purchase reglan 10 mg online. There is in fact a significant correlation between the reduction in ChAT and both the increased number of plaques and tangles at death and the severity of mental impairment six months before death (Perry et al. ACh loss is not global, no change being found in the striatum or some parts of the cortex. Recently reduced ACh levels have been reported in CSF obtained by lumbar puncture, though it is surprising that it survived degradation (Tohgi et al. Since ACh is mostly synthesised in nerve terminals, the reduction in cortical ChAT must reflect a loss of cholinergic nerve terminals and as there are few cholinergic neurons in the cortex, these must be the endings of axons that come from cholinergic neurons in the subcortical nucleus basalis (Fig. In fact there is a dramatic loss (570%) of such neurons in AzD, especially in younger patients, although there is some evidence that the loss of cortical ChAT is greater than the cell loss and that degeneration starts in the cortical terminals and proceeds retrogradely to the cell bodies. Plaques and tangles are also found in the nucleus basalis but lesion of it does not induce their formation in the cortex and their cortical location does not just coincide with cholinergic innervation. No overall reduction in cholinergic muscarinic receptors was found but recent studies with relatively specific ligands show a loss of presynaptic M2 receptors, in keeping with the loss of terminals, but no reduction in postsynaptic M1 receptors. ACh AND b-AMYLOID Low concentrations of solubilised b-albumin inhibit ACh release in slices from rat hippocampus and cortex areas which show degeneration in AzD, but not in slices from the striatum which is unaffected. While not totally specific to ACh, since some inhibition of NA and DA and potentiation of glutamate release have been reported, this effect is achieved at concentrations of Ab below those generally neurotoxic. Since b-amyloid can inhibit choline uptake it is also possible (see Auld, Kar and Quiron 1998) that in order to obtain sufficient choline for ACh synthesis and the continued function of cholinergic neurons, a breakdown of membrane phosphatidyl choline is required leading to cell death (so-called autocannibalism). To what extent these events can occur in vivo, let alone with insoluble b-amyloid, which forms the plaques, is not clear but soluble b-amyloid itself is also increased significantly in AzD brain and when infused into the ventricles of rats reduces ChAT activity.

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Filtration is op- GFR Is Determined by Starling Forces posed by the hydrostatic pressure in the space of Bow- Glomerular filtration rate depends on the balance of hy- man’s capsule (PBS) and by the colloid osmotic pressure drostatic and colloid osmotic pressures acting across the (COP) exerted by plasma proteins in glomerular capillary glomerular filtration barrier quality reglan 10mg, the Starling forces (see blood. Because the glomerular filtrate is virtually protein- Chapter 16); therefore, it is determined by the same fac- free, we neglect the colloid osmotic pressure of fluid in tors that affect fluid movement across capillaries in gen- Bowman’s capsule. The net ultrafiltration pressure gradi- CHAPTER 23 Kidney Function 389 ent (UP) is equal to the difference between the pressures to blood flow, resulting in an appreciable fall in capillary favoring and opposing filtration: hydrostatic pressure with distance. Finally, note that in the glomerulus, the colloid osmotic pressure increases substan- GFR Kf UP Kf (PGC PBS COP) (10) tially along the length of the capillary because a large vol- where Kf is the glomerular ultrafiltration coefficient. Esti- ume of filtrate (about 20% of the entering plasma flow) is mates of average, normal values for pressures in the human pushed out of the capillary and the proteins remain in the kidney are: PGC, 55 mm Hg; PBS, 15 mm Hg; and COP, 30 circulation. From these values, we calculate a net ultrafiltration poses the outward movement of fluid. In the skeletal muscle capillary, the colloid osmotic pres- sure hardly changes with distance, since little fluid moves across the capillary wall. In the “average” skeletal muscle The Pressure Profile Along a Glomerular capillary, outward filtration occurs at the arterial end and Capillary Is Unusual absorption occurs at the venous end. At some point along the skeletal muscle capillary, there is no net fluid move- Figure 23. Filtration pressure equilibrium probably is not at- illary in other vascular beds (in this case, skeletal muscle). Also, capillary hydrostatic pres- sure declines little (perhaps 1 to 2 mm Hg) along the length Several Factors Can Affect GFR of the glomerular capillary because the glomerulus contains many (30 to 50) capillary loops in parallel, making the re- The GFR depends on the magnitudes of the different terms sistance to blood flow in the glomerulus very low. Therefore, GFR varies with changes in K ,f skeletal muscle capillary, there is a much higher resistance hydrostatic pressures in the glomerular capillaries and Bow- A. The middle line is the sum of PBS and the capillary and a glomerular capillary. The differ- the typical skeletal muscle capillary, filtration occurs at the arte- ence between PGC and PBS COP is equal to the net ultrafiltra- rial end and absorption at the venous end of the capillary. In the normal human glomerulus, fil- stitial fluid hydrostatic and colloid osmotic pressures are neg- tration probably occurs along the entire capillary. Assuming that lected here because they are about equal and counterbalance each Kf is uniform along the length of the capillary, filtration rate other.

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In muscle cells discount reglan 10 mg free shipping, as in other cells, phorylation pathway provides the greatest amount of en- this energy ultimately comes from the universal high-en- ergy, it cannot be used if the oxygen supply is insufficient; ergy compound, ATP. Glucose is the preferred Muscle Cells Obtain ATP From Several Sources fuel for skeletal muscle contraction at higher levels of exer- Although ATP is the immediate fuel for the contraction cise. At maximal work levels, almost all the energy used is process, its concentration in the muscle cell is never high derived from glucose produced by glycogen breakdown in enough to sustain a long series of contractions. Most of the muscle tissue and from bloodborne glucose from dietary immediate energy supply is held in an “energy pool” of the sources. Glycogen breakdown increases rapidly during the compound creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine (PCr), first tens of seconds of vigorous exercise. After a mole- and the subsequent entry of glucose into the glycolytic cule of ATP has been split and yielded its energy, the re- pathway, is catalyzed by the enzyme phosphorylase a. The creatine phosphate pool is restored by action is, in turn, stimulated by the increased Ca con- ATP from the various cellular metabolic pathways. These centration and metabolite (especially AMP) levels associ- reactions (of which the last two are the reverse of each ated with muscle contraction. Increased levels of circulat- other) can be summarized as follows: ing epinephrine (associated with exercise), acting through cAMP, also increase glycogen breakdown. Sustained exer- ATP → ADP Pi (Energy for contraction) (1) cise can lead to substantial depletion of glycogen stores, which can restrict further muscle activity. ADP PCr → ATP Cr (Rephosphorylation of ATP) (2) Other Important Energy Sources. At lower exercise lev- ATP Cr → ADP PCr (Restoration of PCr) (3) els (i. Fat, the tration of PCr can fall to very low levels before the ATP major energy store in the body, is mobilized from adipose concentration shows a significant decline. It has been tissue to provide metabolic fuel in the form of free fatty shown experimentally that when 90% of PCr has been acids.

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However purchase reglan 10 mg visa, this action of mianserin might well limit or reduce any co-existing anxiety and insomnia. Although it has little antimuscarinic activity, its antidepressant activity is compromised because it is highly sedative, probably because of its appreciable H1-receptor antagonism, and it is also an a1-adrenoceptor antagonist. Viloxazine, an oxazine derivative of propranolol, is a bicyclic agent which similarly inhibits noradrenaline uptake more than that of 5-HT (hundred-fold selectivity in vitro) but which has little anticholinergic or antihistaminic activity. The latest NARI to be recruited in the clinic (1997) is another bicyclic anti- depressant, reboxetine (Dostert, Benedetti and Poggesi 1997). SELECTIVE SEROTONIN REUPTAKE INHIBITORS (SSRIs) An alternative strategy was to develop drugs that are selective inhibitors of 5-HT reuptake but which, because they are chemically unrelated to the TCAs, would be unlikely to share their side-effects. This direction of research was prompted by the finding, in the late 1960s, that imipramine inhibited 5-HT reuptake, as well as that of noradrenaline, and was reinforced by the evidence that the TCA, clomipramine, was a preferential 5-HT reuptake inhibitor. The first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, zimelidine, was tested in the clinic in 1971 but, although it proved to be an effective antidepressant, it was subsequently withdrawn because it could apparently induce the serious neurological disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome. Nevertheless, other SSRIs quickly followed and five agents are currently available in the UK: fluvoxamine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline and citalopram (Fig. The SSRIs are all chemically unrelated but their benefits and adverse effects are broadly similar. Their efficacy in depression is not superior to that of the TCAs but their side-effects (nausea, agitation, akathisia and sexual dysfunction), although sometimes problematic, are not life-threatening. They are also considerably safer 440 NEUROTRANSMITTERS, DRUGS AND BRAIN FUNCTION Figure 20. All SSRIs have other clinical applications, such as in treatment of bulimia, anxiety disorders (e. Paroxetine is the most potent inhibitor of 5-HT reuptake but, in terms of distin- guishing one compound from another, their preferential selectivity for inhibition of 5-HT rather than noradrenaline reuptake is the key criterion.