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The concept of a test with tails always has m e thinking of devils or snakes discount 10mg singulair amex, which I guess just reflects m y aversion to statistics. In fact, the term "tail" refers to the extrem es of the distribution – the 83 H OW TO READ A PAPER dark areas in Figure 5. Let’s say that that graph represents the diastolic blood pressures of a group of individuals of which a random sam ple are about to be put on a low sodium diet. If a low sodium diet has a significant lowering effect on blood pressure, subsequent blood pressure m easurem ents on these subjects would be m ore likely to lie within the left hand "tail" of the graph. H ence we would analyse the data with statistical tests designed to show whether unusually low readings in this patient sam ple were likely to have arisen by chance. But on what grounds m ay we assum e that a low sodium diet could only conceivably put blood pressure down, but could never put it up? Even if there are valid physiological reasons why that m ight be the case in this particular exam ple, it is certainly not good science always to assum e that you know the direction of the effect which your intervention will have. A new drug intended to relieve nausea m ight actually exacerbate it and an educational leaflet intended to reduce anxiety m ight increase it. H ence, your statistical analysis should, in general, test the hypothesis that either high or low values in your dataset have arisen by chance. In the language of the statisticians, this m eans you need a two tailed test unless you have very convincing evidence that the difference can only be in one direction. Were "outliers" analysed with both common sense and appropriate statistical adjustments? Unexpected results m ay reflect idiosyncrasies in the subject (for exam ple, unusual m etabolism ), errors in m easurem ent (for exam ple, faulty equipm ent), errors in interpretation (for exam ple, m isreading a m eter reading), or errors in calculation (for exam ple, m isplaced decim al points). Only the first of these is a "real" result which deserves to be included in the analysis. A result which is m any orders of m agnitude away from the others is less likely to be genuine, but it m ay be.

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In addition order 5 mg singulair fast delivery, she holds a degree in pastoral formation which en- ables her to integrate spirituality with psychology. Pitta has been a professor of psychology in the doctoral and postdoc- toral training programs at St. She has also produced a video entitled "Parent- ing Your Elderly Parents" (published by APA Publications) and is the au- thor of a marital therapy manual (published by Division 42 of APA). Rice, PhD, is clinical professor of psychiatry and Emerita Professor of Educational Policy and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin– Madison. She also maintains an active psychotherapy practice with Psychi- atric Services in Madison. Her research activity includes more than 100 xvi ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS national and international presentations and publications on family change, poverty, and mental health. Living through Divorce: A Developmental Approach to Divorce Therapy, written with Dr. Rice is secretary of the Interna- tional Council of Psychologists, chair elect of the APA Committee on Inter- national Relations in Psychology, and president elect of APA Division 52, International Psychology. She has received numerous awards and honors for her research and social policy work on behalf of disadvantaged families and women nationally and internationally. She is a recipient of the Educational Press Association Distinguished Achievement Award, a fellow of the Amer- ican Psychological Association, and is listed in Who’s Who of Women and the World’s Who’s Who of Women. Rosen, LCSW, is core faculty and director of the Post Modern Therapy Training Program at Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, Cali- fornia. She is interested in collaborative education and integrating her pas- sion and commitment to diversity and social justice in training and teaching contexts. Rosen is co-founder of Women’s Project Los Angeles (WPLA), a community-based project focused on social constructionist and feminist ideas.

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It is impossible to separate the management of weakness from that of spasticity and fatigue discount singulair 5mg overnight delivery. Frequently, therefore, drugs or other treatments that lessen spasticity also increase strength. This means using your muscles for practical, enjoyable activities and planning the use of time accordingly. For example, difficult activities should be done before those that are easier to perform. The appropriate use 44 CHAPTER 5 • Weakness of assistive devices also may be extremely helpful in increasing overall efficiency. Strength also may be increased with the use of an aero- bic exercise machine such as an exercycle or a rowing machine. However, the principle of not becoming fatigued and exercising those muscles that can be strengthened to compensate for the weaker muscles must be applied. This symptom of MS often is associated with difficulty in bal- ance and coordination. There are many different kinds of tremors; some have wide oscillations (a gross tremor), while others are barely perceptible (a fine tremor); some occur at rest, others occur only with purposeful movement; some are fast, others are slow; some involve the limbs, while others affect the head, trunk, or speech; some are disabling, but others are merely a nuisance; and some are treatable, while some are not. As with all symptoms, proper diagnosis is essential before correct management decisions can be made. BALANCE Balance is necessary to perform coordinated movements, whether one is standing, sitting, or lying down. The cerebellum is the main center for bal- ance, but the eyes, ears, and nerves to the arms and legs also con- tribute to balance. An impairment in any of these areas may cause balance to worsen, and it may help to compensate for others that are 46 CHAPTER 6 • Tremor and Balance The Management of Tremor •Exercises for balance and coordination – patterning –vestibular stimulation – Swiss ball – computerized balance stimulation •Medications • Mechanical approaches –immobilization –weighting –stabilization with braces not working properly.

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Bias can also be introduced by the reference standard used to confirm the final diagnosis cheap 10 mg singulair amex. First, the interpretation of the reference standard must be made without knowledge of the test results. Reference standards, like the diagnostic tests themselves, may have a subjective component, and there- fore may be affected by knowledge of the results of the diagnostic test. In addition, it is critical that all subjects undergo the same reference standard. The use of different reference standards (called differential reference stan- dard bias) for subjects with different diagnostic test results may falsely elevate both sensitivity and specificity (13,16). Of course, sometimes it is not possible or ethical to perform the same reference standard procedure on all subjects. For example, in a recent meta-analysis of imaging for appendicitis, Terasawa et al. Likely the sensitivity and specificity of imaging for appendicitis was overestimated as a result. For example, lung cancer case-control studies have been performed in Chapter 2 Critically Assessing the Literature 25 Japan where long-running tuberculosis control programs have been in place. This allowed for analysis of those who were screened to be matched with a database of matched unscreened controls to arrive at a relative risk of dying from lung cancer in screened and unscreened populations. Because screening is a choice in these studies, selection bias plays a prominent role. That is, people who present for elective screening tend to have better health habits (20). In assessing the exposure history of cases, the inclusion of the test on which the diagnosis is made, regardless of whether it is truly screen or symptom detected, can lead to an odds ratio greater than 1 even in the absence of benefit (21). Similarly, excluding the test on which the diagnosis is made may underestimate screening effec- tiveness.

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