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He knew he had not done himself any favours when the dean replied: "Could you not perhaps think of anything a little more recent than 1928? Specific questions on subjects such as abortion sinequan 75mg free shipping, religion, or party politics are discouraged, but if they are likely to cause personal professional dilemmas it is reasonable and sensible to have thought about them and to be able to discuss how you would approach resolving such issues. Candidates with special circumstances, especially mature students, should be fully prepared for the interview panel to concentrate on particularly relevant factors such as whether they can afford to support themselves during the course, rigorous testing of their motivation, and questioning of the reasons behind their decision to enter the medical profession. It is usual for the panel to offer an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions. A current student at the school sitting in on the interview can often be useful in answering the candidate’s questions. Make sure if you do ask a question that you do not spoil an otherwise successful interview by asking a question which simply indicates that you have failed to read the 55 LEARNING MEDICINE prospectus thoroughly or which has no direct bearing on your entry to or time at medical school. Offers An offer made to a candidate who has already achieved the minimum academic requirement is unconditional. All candidates who have already attained the minimum grades at first attempt cannot automatically receive a place because far more applicants will achieve this than the school can take. If the A level examinations have yet to be taken an offer is conditional on the candidate achieving the required grades at first attempt. Occasionally a student who seems in need of an incentive may be given a higher target but would normally be accepted with the minimum. Sometimes a lower than normal offer is made to reduce the pressure on a candidate working under exceptional circumstances. If A levels are being retaken, most medical schools will expect higher than normal targets to be reached. Finally, applicants must remember that achievement of minimum grades does no more than qualify them to enter the real competition. No level of examination success gives entitlement to a place without necessary consideration of the other factors important to being a doctor, an assessment of which is the whole basis for calling applicants to interview. Many more candidates can achieve the required grades than can possibly be taken under the fixed quota system which exists for the training of doctors.

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Metaphors for inner life conflict with one another and serve different purposes generic sinequan 25 mg overnight delivery, but are limited to a basic few. They may fight, cooperate, nurture, suppress, hide, destroy, manipulate, merge, separate from, argue with and evaluate each other, like the objects and situations in terms of which they are metaphorically mapped. The cognitive model "Illness Is Disintegration" ties much of our thinking together here. The even more vivid "flip their lids" involves three, the third being Strong Emotions Are Fluids Under Pressure In the Head. Patients are "out of control," exhibit "disordered thinking," are "off their rockers," "slip their trolleys," and "have one oar in the water. Deficiency Diseases This group includes all the diseases of undernutrition: malnutrition (calory deficiency), Kwashiorkor (protein deficiency), scurvy (lack of Vitamin C), Beriberi (thiamine deficiency), pellagra (nicotinic acid deficiency), iron deficiency, etc. Deficiency diseases differ from the prototypes in that: (2) They are chronic unless treated. A related group of diseases is slow poisonings and chronic overload diseases caused by the excess HEALTH AND DISEASE 67 of certain nutrients, for example iron, or fat soluble Vitamins A and D. Addictions Addictions including tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and licit or illicit drug abuse are another variant illness. This category is shaded at the margins where there are incom- plete "formes frustes" like so-called "sexual addiction," gambling habits, "food addiction," and other types of compulsive immoderation. In contrast to the proto- typical diseases the addictions are very distant and aberrant in many features. Thus (1) Pre-morbid health is suspect with research showing more and more predisposing factors in neurophysiology. We can have a "war on drugs" which becomes by metonymic extension a "war on drug users. They may by now have "surrendered," having insufficient independent "will" to "battle" them any longer. Character Disorders Character disorders constitute an intriguing subcategory of disease very remote from prototypical diseases. People ending up with these diagnostic labels are well known to be the bane of the medical and legal systems.

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